A charming boutique café that offers a slice of Long Island’s beauty & elegance

Montauk is a ‘Boutique Café’ inspired by the heritage & lifestyle of the Montauk region of New York, USA, a place renowned for its natural beauty, fertile lands, home grown produce & bounty from the abundant sea.

Afternoon Tea - A Refined Experience

Afternoon tea is a lovely tradition that dates back to the 1800s has been used for centuries to help people relax and unwind. Many cultures have enjoyed this drink throughout history. Nowadays, we still enjoy our afternoon tea at home or while out shopping. However, Today, it’s enjoying a renaissance, and Montauk Boutique Cafe is the perfect place to enjoy it. all washed down with a pot of tea presented in a way that for sure will amaze you.

Chef-Owner : Mariam Almansoor

Chef Mariam Almansoori discovered her passion for cooking at an early age while spending time in the kitchen with her parents and watching Julia Childs on television. Born and raised in United Arab Emirates.


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